Season Repairs: Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer.

Areas covered: Almonte, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Perth, Mississippi Mills, Lanark, Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Ashton, Richmond, Kemptville, Orleans, Stittsville, and Bells Corners.

We offer a 5% discount for Seniors!

Services Offered:

Parging: A thin coat of cement for giving a smooth surface to rough masonry or for sealing it against moisture.

One person dig: One specific area where work can be done.  the customer has only one crack, this is the most effective.

Full house excavation: This applies when the house has several horizontal or vertical cracks or both in many areas on one wall, or all walls. The house is a Excavated to the footing to a repair all cracks properly.

Sump pump Installation: A pump for removing water from a sump. To remove water from the pit and have it drain out from under the floor to the designated area.

Interior waterproofing: Due to our 4 seasons, we have customers who prefer to have waterproofing done on the inside, instead of the outside. Or if needed depends on repair.

Exterior waterproofing: excavate down to footing repair cracks as needed install multi-layers of waterproofing down over footing new drainage tile and gravel 6-8″ over tile.

Window well excavation: when customer has  problems with water sitting stagnate in the Window Well area, or water splashes up onto window sill. Once spring comes, water tends to leak into window area leaking down the walls.

We repair foundations that are made out of: Wood, Block, Poured, Stone.

All our repairs have a 20 year transferable warranty against leaks where work done.

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